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Booking and payment conditions Régio hotels & wine


Pre-booking can be done electronically via a simple booking form placed on this site or by other forms of communication (by e-mail, in person). The reservation will be confirmed or rejected by the hotel according to the actual occupancy for the requested term.

Deposit and balance due

A 50% deposit is required to confirm the reservation. The deposit must be paid within 7 days of receipt of the booking confirmation or immediately in case of a reservation 7 days or less before check-in. If the deposit is not paid within the specified time, the reservation will be canceled. The deposit shall be paid by a payment card or by bank transfer to the account based on a written reservation confirmation from the hotel. If a reservation is made less than 3 days prior to check-in, the hotel may waive the deposit. The balance due is paid on site at check-out or at check-in, if requested by the hotel. For accommodation packages (regardless of the length of stay) the payment of the balance due for the stay is required 20 days before arrival.

Cancellation conditions

In the case of the cancellation of a stay, the following cancellation fees will be charged to the client:

When determining the number of days for calculating cancellation fees, the day of the cancellation is also counted in the determined number of days. The day of commencement of the stay is not counted in the number of days. Upon partial withdrawal, the cancellation fee is calculated from the amount of the partially canceled service. The cancellation must be sent in writing.

Arrival and stay

Check-in is at 2:00 pm – 9:00 pm, unless agreed otherwise. Checkout is until 11:00 am, unless agreed otherwise. Stay in the hotel is governed by the Hotel’s Accommodation Rules, which can be viewed at the hotel reception. In the event of a serious breach of these rules by the client, the hotel has the right to terminate the client’s stay without compensation.. If there is a dispute between the parties, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority (www.coi.cz) is the subject of an out-of-court solution.

Reservation through other reservation portals

In the event that a client reserves a stay through other reservation portals with which the hotel has a contract, the reservation, payment and cancellation terms are governed by the conditions on the portal. It is usually not possible to make a reservation without using a payment card.

Custom Events (companies and groups)

Custom programs and tours for teams and businesses are governed by the payment, cancellation and other terms and conditions set out in the General Terms and Conditions for Collectives