Welcoming Slovacko

Beautiful landscape near Moravian Kyjov

Moravian Slovakia is a unique region, not only thanks to its beautiful vineyards and the cultivation of grape vines, but also because of the diversity of the experiences it offers and the warm hospitality of the local people. Treat yourself to this noble beverage and regional delicacies. Experience the traditions first-hand and soak up the atmosphere while singing folk songs. Visit unique folk architecture monuments and the beauty of local nature. You must not forget about the number of wine events that are held in the region all year round.

This magnificent area remarkably resembles the Tuscan countryside, a landscape much sought-after by photographers from around the world. Numerous photographic expeditions come together here in every season and wait for the rays of the morning sun to force their way through the clouds and brighten up the beautiful scenery. Thanks to the wavy fields with alternating green and brown stripes, the area here is rightly called the Czech Tuscany. The contours of South Moravia with its bottomland forests, vineyards, fruit orchards and fertile fields are literally a photographic paradise.

You certainly won’t be bored.

The area of vineyards and ancient pilgrimage sites is unique on account of its folklore. Are celebrations, festivals and gastronomic specialties not something that calls to you? Then you can take a boat ride on the Baťa Canal, admire the local castles and chateaux, take a journey to explore lookout towers or enjoy some wine in the vineyards, cellars and narrow streets. Folklore is an integral part of the everyday life of South Moravia.

Music, songs, dances, costumes, folk customs and tradition, all these thrive in the individual ethnographic regions of South Moravia with their own lives. Folk celebrations that are held throughout the year are always an exciting destination for visitors from different regions and countries. The folklore year in South Moravia is bountiful. One of the most famous festivities is the Moravian-Slovak Year, which hosts a number of traditional folk celebrations, which are worth visiting.