Sport Facilities And Activities

Aktuální informace k provozu pro naše milé hosty.

Horses at Bukovanský mlýn

Horseback riding...

The Mill horse stable was built in 2012 and has since been continually upgraded and expanded. We currently have one Shetland pony, a medium sized fiord horse and two large horses, Czech hot-blooded horses. We also have other horses as needed

We offer the following services:

1. Rides for children in the riding hall

We offer pony and horses for small and bigger children. The rides takes place in the riding hall or in a circular sand riding area. The horse is always guided by a person from the mill stable, which determines the size of the horse according to the age, weight and operational possibilities.

Sat, Sun, holidays available to order 2:00 pm-6:00 pm 2:00 pm-6:30 pm depending on the weather / upon request

* In case of bad weather the riding hall is closed

Price per child:

3 laps in the riding hall = 50 CZK

Individual rides and other activities in the stable with the participation of a person from our stable:

30 min. = 250 CZK
1 hour = 350 CZK

(order at least 1 day in advance, time available according to agreement)

2. Rides in the countryside for adults

We go all year round into the surrounding countryside according to the weather for a min. 1 hour ride. The rider is expected to have basic knowledge of horse riding (the rider rides on horseback alone). The maximum number is 2 clients and a guide from our stable.

Price for 1 person:
1 hour = 300 CZK

3. Training with an instructor

We offer professional training under the guidance of our licensed instructor. By agreement with the client, training includes everything necessary to manage the horse, i.e. horse care and training, riding technique training or an individual ride with training.

Price for 1 person:
1 hour = 400 CZK

Swimming pool

Public outdoor swimming pool...

There is an outdoor pool for accommodated guests for nice weather.

The possibility of swimming is an inherent part of summer stays. We offer free use of the outdoor pool with dimensions of 9×4.5m and 1.2m deep. The pool offers sun loungers and a peaceful grassy area overlooking the surrounding countryside.
The pool is regularly cleaned according to standards and supervised by the District Hygiene Administration.



If you prefer unpretentious recreational sports, then mini-golf is right for you. This sport is suitable for couples, groups of friends or families with children

Mini-golf is an unconventional and undemanding sport for all ages. There is no age restriction, no excellent physical condition is necessary. During the game, you will have great fun with your family or chat with friends. Our mini-golf is set in beautiful surroundings with stunning views. There are areas for resting and a children’s play area.

Mini-golf price list

1 hour of play Every other commenced

15 minutes

Adults 50 CZK 15 CZK
Children up to 15 years old 25 CZK 6 CZK
Family admission
(2 adults and 1-2 children)
120 CZK 25 CZK

The price includes: entrance to the course, the rental of clubs, a ball and a score card.

If you are interested in a multi-entry pass, do not hesitate to contact us.

For groups or companies, we provide exclusive rental of the course for the price of 1,200 CZK / hour. We will also be happy to arrange a mini-golf tournament for you. The tournament price depends on the agreement and the range of services.

In the event of damage, we charge the following fees:
– destruction of the surface of the course: 2,000 CZK
-destruction or loss of a club: 500 CZK
– loss of the ball: 100 CZK

Entrance to the course is permitted for children from 3 years of age. Children under 10 years of age can only be on the course grounds accompanied by an adult.

Bicycle rental and storage

Bicycle rental and storage....

The hotel offers a bicycle rental service for its customers. Bikes can be arranged for groups and individual tourists.

In order to meet your wishes as much as possible, you need to book a bicycle with the appropriate equipment at least a day in advance.

Bike types and prices:

Mountain and trekking bikes with basic equipment
400 CZK/day
600 CZK/2 days
1800 CZK/week

Mountain and trekking bikes with suspension forks and Shimano Deore equipment
600 CZK/day
1,100 CZK/2 days
2,900 CZK/week

24″ children’s bike with Shimano equip. (8-12 l)
220 CZK/day
370 CZK/2 days
950 CZK/week

Helmet: 100 CZK/day

Baby seat: 200 CZK/day

Rental times:
Day rental: 06:00 am – 9:00 pm
2-day rental: 06:00 am on the first day – 9:00 pm on the second day
Weekly rental: 06:00 am on the first day – 9:00 pm on the seventh day
For rental shorter than 1 day, the price is calculated for the whole day

Bike rental requires:
Two valid identity cards (ID, driving license), payment of a refundable deposit of 1000 CZK, conclusion of the rental contract and payment of the rent.

Multifunctional playground


Groups or guests can use the multipurpose grass pitch.

Free of charge for guests. In the summer season, small soccer goals and a volleyball net are available. Balls are free to borrow at the hotel reception.

Playground for children

For a pleasant stay in Bukovanský mlýn or in the garden restaurant there is a children’s playground with the following attractions:

  • Sandbox with toys
  • Tower with a slide and climbing net
  • Swings
  • Spring animal rides
  • Climbing wall

The use of the playground is FREE for Bukovanský mlýn clients.

Mill Massage Trail

Massage trail ...

Become one with nature. Take off your shoes and come walk along our new mill massage trail! Walking barefoot on uneven terrain is healthy, relaxing and will fill you with energy and joy. Walking barefoot creates a natural, full-body reflex massage. It naturally stimulates metabolism, the circulatory system, refreshes the whole body and helps bring about a good mood. The trail is also suitable for children of all ages – it develops fine and gross motor skills. The beginning

  1. Gravel
  2. Sharp aggregate
  3. Pebbles
  4. Round logs (Acacia)
  5. Pine cones
  6. Forest land
  7. Wood chips
  8. River stones
  9. Watercress with water
  10. Planks to dry feet

Give your feet a rest and an extraordinary sensory experience. The use of the trail is free.

Wellness in Kyjov

Wellness ...

We offer our guests and others the exclusive rental of a wellness center located in the Régio guest house in Kyjov.

There are two separate parts

SAUNA – infrasauna and relaxation chairs – 390 CZK / hour (up to 4 persons)

AQUA – whirlpool and steam box – 590 CZK / hour (up to 4 persons)

Rental of both parts – 890 CZK/hour. (up to 8 persons)

Operational information:

The wellness is open every day from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Exclusive rental will guarantee maximum privacy.

You can rent both parts at once for 6-8 people

The minimum rental time is 1 hour, then by half-hour.

The rental price includes 15 minutes extra for changing clothes and borrowing towels.

Upon request, we can supply chilled Rezidence sparkling wine – Demi sec 0.75 l (310 Kč).

Entrance via the Lidová jizba shop or via the reception of the Régio guest house.


The wellness reservation and, where appropriate, transport will be ensured by the Bukovansý reception.


Other activities

Other activities...

The Bukovanský mlýn complex offers you many possibilities how to get your body into shape and do undemanding sport. Everyone – both the old and young and individuals and groups – will find what they are looking for.

Nordic walking

Nordic walking is dynamic walking with poles designed to improve fitness. This type of sport is suitable for all age groups. For hotel guests, we offer the rental of telescopic nordic walking poles. Price per pair:
30 CKZ/half day
50 CZK/day


Pétanque is a social game for two 1 – 3 – member teams that try to place balls as close as possible to the goal which is formed by a wooden ball, the so-called piglet. The principle of the game is very simple and the game can be enjoyed by everyone – regardless of age, gender or physical fitness. You can borrow a set of balls for this game for 30 CKZ.

Table tennis

A table tennis table is available to guests throughout the season on the Bukovanský mlýn complex. This undemanding game for 2 to 4 players provides a great time to adults and children.
Paddles are available for rent at the hotel’s reception for guests free of charge.


We offer free sports equipment (balls, paddles and balls for table tennis, racquets and badminton shuttlecocks, …). You can also rent a table and board games (Ludo, cards, dice, etc.). Everything can be rented at the hotel reception.